I love LOST!  And Hurley is my favorite character… here you go!


For some reason I really liked Firestorm when I first saw him as a kid in the Super Friends cartoon, since then it translated into the comics.  So… here’s my Lousy Sketch.

Plus, here’s a bonus video from my childhood!

Batman – The Dork Knight

I always wondered why the Adam West Batman had eyebrows… I guess it’s better than what George Clooney Batman had.

Sgt. Rock by Request

My first iPhone drawn sketch for my first Twitter request from @Nuggie. Here’s Sgt. Rock!

If it looks like a duck…

Not sure if it looks like one but it sounds like one!

Han, Solo

All by himself…

The Human Torch!

My favorite nickname for Johnny Storm comes from Benjamin J. Grimm!  The Thing calls him “Match Stick”… enjoy!

G.I. Joe Meets Pac Mac

I like to draw on comic backing boards; especially at conventions.  I’m not very good, so I advertise up front that these are LOUSY sketches… Here is proof: